15 Sie macht es vor (She shows you how)

Wild and experimental collagefilm on the hype for surface and attraction.


Gloria Gammer
Sandra Hanschitz
Patrick Teubl
Tim Schenk
Julia Riederer, Hannah Vulcana Kreichbaum, Tatou Angeliki Dede, Michael Hackl, Dusana Baltic, Raimund Schuhmacher, Simon Bruckbacher, Rita Pöll

Christoph Appel
Neary Wach

About: In a hustle for the ideal of beauty everybody may deceive herself into individuality by uniformly following an idol. In lockstep, march. Obeying the ideal standard, one always appears adequately, as long as attending conformity.

Thanks to modern provisions for beauty betterment, there’s no need for naturally being beautiful, but you can also become so. Where beauty ends and grotesque distaste starts is strechable like plastic leggins.

This film made collage kidnaps you on a colourfoul trip to the land of beauty.

“Sie macht es vor” was entirely shot during Schmiede.




Gloria Gammer http://rainbowwarrior.at/contact/

schmiede home base:
Facebook page
Flickr group

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