25 SpaceTime Helix by Michela Pelusio

SpaceTime Helix is a kinetic light and sound sculpture, showing the passage of time, endlessly into the future. It is a play with light, helical symmetries, geometry and infinity.

The SpaceTime Helix’s sonic and light properties have been optimized at Schmiede. Now the Helix can be played as an optic and acoustic instrument in performances.  Since last year Michela is playing the SpaceTime Helix with a wearable controller, which was made in collaboration with Hanna Perner-Wilson, at Schmiede. This year they developed a new controller at the E-Textile Lab of Hanna and Mika Satomi, together with Stratos Bichakis, a sound expert. The new controller, designed by Mika Satomi, an expert in wearable interfaces, is a corset that has a range of textile sensors which capture the movement of the breathing and controls the speed of the motor.

At the end of the 10 days at Schmiede the SpaceTime Helix was presented in a performance together with Christhopher Biribauer (sound artist) and Annegret Schalke (light designer). 

Mika Satomi ( http://whatsthedeal.eu/blog/?p=586 ) – wearable interfaces
Stratos Bichakis
Annegret Schalke
Christhopher Biribauer

Interviews at Schmiede 2014 http://cba.fro.at/269503

Michela Pelusio
Skype: michelapelusio

Thanks for the pictures to:
Pat Rick
Afroditi Psarra
Fish FormPictures
Hanna Perner-Wilson

schmiede home base:
Facebook page
Flickr group

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