32 E-Textiles Live Lab

Following is a selection of works that were created during the
E-Textiles Live Lab at Schmiede 2014.

homebase>> E-Textiles Live Lab Webpage

Fabric Matrix Synth

Maurin Donneaud

A matrix bade from conductive fabric rows and columns fused to a base fabric with Eeonyx piezoresistive fabric inbetween. The rows and columns are connected to a Teensy microcontroller which parses the rows and columns to measure pressure and location on the surface of the fabric matrix. Sensor data is read into a PD patch that synthesizes sound.

Link >> http://maurin.donneaud.free.fr/
Code >> https://github.com/MaurinElectroTextile



Vincent Dugast, Maurin Donneaud

MOON is a fiber-optic hoodie that reacts to the DJ set of the performer, illuminating the “moon” to beat of the music.

Link >> https://www.facebook.com/mooncreationparis


E-Textile Glove

Hannah Perner-Wilson, Maurin Donneaud

A new e-textile version of the Mi.Mu glove which is based on a conductive striped zebra fabric produced by HiTek coated in piezoresistive carbon polymer by Eeonyx.

Link >> http://theglovesproject.com/e-textile-glove-update-from-schmiede/
Code >> https://github.com/plusea/CODE/tree/master/PROJECT%20CODE/Gloves

Coming soon…

Propeller Synth

Hannah Perner-Wilson, Maurin Donneaud

Continuing working with Austrian Lederhosen leather to make a series of regional soundtrack synthesizers. This leather hat has a weighted propeller made from two heavy metal forks stuck in a wine bottle cork and mounted on a potentiometer that is mounted on top of a joystick (two potentiometers). The potentiometers capture the movements of turn and tilt in all directions and these values are wirelessly sent to a Processing sketch running on a computer. The processing sketch translates movement into sound.

Link >> http://www.plusea.at/?category_name=traces-with-origin
Code >> https://github.com/plusea/CODE


808 Kick Drum Flex Circuit

Hannah Perner-Wilson
A head-word synthesizer made from deer leather, conductive thread, textile sensors and flexible PCB. The circuit is inspired by Wolfgang Spahn and Antti Pussinen’s Workshop on building a Paper-Synthesizer 808KD – Kick Drum Module (Functional Clone of Tr-808 Bass Drum):
>> http://workshop.dernulleffekt.de/doku.php?id=paper-synth-808kd-aug2014:material
>> http://workshop.dernulleffekt.de/doku.php?id=paper-synth-808kd-aug2014:details

Link >> http://www.plusea.at/?category_name=traces-with-origin
Eagle files >> https://github.com/plusea/EAGLE/tree/master/projects/LeatherSynth
Code >> https://github.com/plusea/CODE


The Name Game Inflating Score Costumes

Audrey Briot Lawson, Maurin Donneaud

Link >> http://lescheveuxsales.tumblr.com/

Corset and POV lights for Helix

Michela Pelusio, Mika Satomi, Stratos
SpaceTime Helix is a kinetic light and sound sculpture, showing the passage of time, endlessly into the future. It is a play with light, helical symmetries, geometry and infinity.

Link >> https://schmiede2014selfassembling.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/25-spacetime-helix-by-michela-pelusio/
Video >> http://vimeo.com/100893585


Afroditi Psarra, Stratos Bichakis

Embroidery patterns have always been associated with symbols that decorate everyday life and create narratives of the world that surrounds us. This project proposes the construction of a capacitive sensing wearable with four embroidered sensors and attempts a “naive” representation of the Chronology of the Universe according to the Big Bang Expansion, through the creation and sonification of four of its different phases: the birth of sub-atomic particles, the creation of matter, the formation of galaxies and planets and the actual metric expansion of the known universe. The copper thread sensors trigger an interactive soundscape of chaotic and stochastic sound generators.

Hardware: a LilyPad Arduino, copper conductive thread, four 3.3 M Ohms resistors
Software: Arduino, Processing, SuperCollider

Link >> http://afroditipsarra.com
Code >> https://github.com/afrdt


Capacitive Sensing Jacket demo @Schmiede Festival from Afroditi Stereo on Vimeo.

Contact Mic to Speaker

Simpson Lisa

Speakers embroidered onto a jacket.

Link >> http://agentecostura.blogspot.de/

Interactive Screens for Anti-Gone

Melanie Thewlis, Sabine Roth
A dance- video art performance based on Antigone’s monologue before she goes to the cave-grave to be burried alive.
Link >> https://schmiede2014selfassembling.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/anti-gone/

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