35 Lost in the FEARest

“What do you fear? What scares you the most?“

CINEMA VERTIGO presents “Lost in the FEARest”, a gentle blend of papercuts, electronics, programming and 2d animation.
Inspired by the Smiths’ fears, we created a surprising pop-up book. Through a magic torch visitors of the Werkschau 2014 could unveil spooky creatures, scary trees, and crazy guests hidden under the white paper artwork.

Cinema vertigo team and the Smiths worked closely with papercuts, animations and programming to create this analog/digital installation. The project was conceived, prototyped and realized in three days.




Mika Satomi – www.kobakant.at
Daniel Huber  – www.ceeyaa.com
Benjamin Hohnheiser – www.benju.net
Alessandro Maggioni – www.atelierperela.com

Rasmus Roos Lindquist
Nica Junker – www.nicajunker.de
Kerstin Unger – www.kerstinunger.com
Benjamin Hohnheiser
Alessandro Maggioni

Mika Satomi
Hannah Perner-Wilson – www.plusea.at
Alessandro Maggioni

vvvv programming:
Daniel Huber

Mika Satomi

Torch design:
Thomas Gnahm – www.trafopop.com

Video Documentation:
Benjamin Hohnheiser
Alessandro Maggioni

Picea (Spruce) by Bartolomäus Traubeck – www.traubeck.com
taken from his amazing project “Years” – www.traubeck.com/years/

Thanks to:
Schmiede Hallein – www.schmiede.at
Jakob Barth – www.anoba-film.com
Jan-Nahuel Jenny
Rüdiger Wassibauer
vvvv – www.vvvv.org
Show2go – www.show2go.at
Theresa Elizabeth – www.wereapopuplabel.com
Ria Rehfuß – www.claudiamaria-kolbus.magix.net
Frau Wurst

Everybody else who supported us

schmiede home base:
Facebook page
Flickr group

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